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1. Clone!Jack from "Fragile Balance" (7.3): what name would he use? I'm assuming he wouldn't keep the exact same name, but would he change his first name only, his last name only, or both?

2. If Jack weren't a soldier, what else might he do? I'm trying to gauge from his interests what other career he might have sought. (For reference, see question one.)

3. The Priors: would they be long-lived? As in, a much longer life than normal humans? Why or why not?
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How long was Project Giza in operation before the Stargate was successfully activated? I remember Catherine saying something about fifteen years, but I can't tract down a source for that...
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Hi, I'm starting to really wonder about this. I'm convinced the Tok'ra don't sleep, but is there canon for it? [Any other hard-canon facts about the Tok'ra would be awesome too!]

suggested tags: alien races, the tok'ra
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Does anyone know, or know where I can find out, when the season six SG-1 ep Abyss was filmed?
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I think I'm getting confused on the difference between Alternate Universes and Alternate Realities. In the Stargate 'verse, what is the difference in the definitions as Sam and other characters explain?? In what episodes are AUs or ARs dealt with??
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This may be a question that's obviously and blatantly answered somewhere (perhaps in the episode itself), but whatever happened to the body-switching machine from Holiday after everyone got put back where they belonged? Do we know?
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I've never figured this out by watching the episode Window of Opportunity. When the guy starts the looping by shooting at Sam and Daniel, is Daniel killed by the weapon or not?  It's been quite awhile since I've watched the ep, but I've seen the clip in a few vids and I still can't figure out if Daniel's killed or not.

Any ideas? Does Jack ever say anything that lets us know?
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Well, I'm happy to start out the comm with the first request for information!

I'm looking for information that would more closely define when the winter holidays/Christmas comes around in both season 9 and 10. Any speculation on whether Christmas came before "Beachhead" in S9 or before "The Quest" in S10? I'm trying to place Daniel and Vala together for a Christmas get-together that isn't during the time spent in the time dilation onboard the Odyssey.
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(this post will be continuously updated)

Below is a collection of resources that fans like you have pointed out. These include official and fan content websites, meta and review essays written by fans, and links fans have found valuable. Please consider the accuracy of the canon when using these resources, look for references to specific episodes or can point to a specific event.

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I know there are loads of times I end up thinking, "did this actually happen in the series?" or was it that I read a fabulous piece of fanfiction and it somehow became ingrained as my own personal canon. Many fans work tirelessly to create resources for us to help us out, including people who transcribe episodes, write meta, and update websites loaded with valuable information. Sometimes though, a question is just too specific to be able to find the answer readily.

We welcome:

  1. Questions concerning canon, such as "Did Jack ever pick his nose?"; "In what episode did Pete first kiss Sam?" and "What type of degrees does Daniel have?". Questions can include a variety of different types of inquiries, whether it is defining if something did occur, when in a timeline something might or might not have happened, or generalities that may need clearing up. Questions concerning situations or characters of SG-1 that broach into the other fandoms can also be asked, and cross-posting is welcome. These examples are not exclusive, and should not be used to exclude potential questions people might have. If you feel uncomfortable to whether something should be posted here, please contact the moderators.
  2. Links and recommendations for resources to help answer canon questions. Meta that delves more deeply into issues that occurred within the show and its related official media are also welcome.
  3. Reviews of all canon media, from the episodes and movies to the novels and audiobooks. Let us know what you liked, canon contradictions, what you take as canon, and anything else you think would be useful to know!

Things to Remember When Posting:

  1. Use cuts when displaying images within a post. Screenshots often help us pick out minuscule details the producers and writers included that we can deliciously consume as canon, but can be quite large.
  2. Warn for spoilers for at least "Ark of Truth", "Continuum", one season of SG:U, and any references to spoilers for future SG endeavors.
  3. Use our tags!! If we are missing a tag you think should be used, please let the moderators know! We'll go back and add it! Tag groups include characters and races, specific episodes and episode seasons, types of posts and questions, and open and closed, for easy reference.

Additional Guidelines:

  1. Be your awesome self!
  2. Membership is open, and is not required to post.
  3. Inappropriate posts will be deleted at moderators' discretion.

We reserve the right to update these guidelines as necessary.
the mods

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Universal Disclaimer:

Stargate, all its characters, plots, scenarios, concepts, idiosyncrasies, symbols, screen caps, original music, etc. belong to any or all of the following people: Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret productions, Gekko Productions and Big Finish Audio. Everything here is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended.

This Disclaimer is valid for all pieces of artwork, icons, fan-fiction stories, meta, audio/visual media. Any "value added" modifications, original secondary characters, and original plot ideas are then copyrighted to the specified owner in the individual posting.
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Have a question for a moderator? Want to make a suggestion? Have a complaint or compliment? Let us know!! This post is designed for questions relating to the administration of this community, not SG-1 canon.

Who are the moderators? [personal profile] samantilles & [personal profile] paian

How to get in contact: 
  1. Private Message: samantilles :: paian :
  2. Leave a message in this post. Posts are screened for privacy. A moderator will get back in touch with you as quickly as we can.
(Post will be updated as necessary)

About SG-1 Canon

Welcome! This community, as well as its sister communities, [community profile] sgacanon and [community profile] sgucanon is designed to help visitors get canon reference and help concerning what actually happened and what is fabulously fanon. Please feel free to ask questions you may have concerning anything that happened during the show, "Stargate: SG-1", its related movies, including the 1994 original feature film, and official related media such as audiobooks and published novels. Help someone else by responding to their questions, link resources and recommend meta!

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