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S9-10 Timeline question

Well, I'm happy to start out the comm with the first request for information!

I'm looking for information that would more closely define when the winter holidays/Christmas comes around in both season 9 and 10. Any speculation on whether Christmas came before "Beachhead" in S9 or before "The Quest" in S10? I'm trying to place Daniel and Vala together for a Christmas get-together that isn't during the time spent in the time dilation onboard the Odyssey.
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For the most part, you can fit it wherever you feel like. We get pretty much no firm dates in the entire series and time gets particularly wonky in parts of S10. With that said, we do know for sure that the end of Season 7 lines up with January, based on "Inauguration" (although that's January of 2004, instead of 05 like it should be...). So any time near the end or beginning of a season should work fine.