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Name:SG-1 Canon
Location:Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Resources for defining canon within the Stargate SG-1 fandom

Welcome to [community profile] sg1canon!

Feel free to support the community by participating, answering questions, and passing along the word! We've also included a smaller banner for those who wish to comment to others about the community:

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abydos, alien languages, alien races, alien worlds, alternate reality, alternate universe, alternative reality, alternative universe, ancient technology, ancients, anubis, apophis, ar, area 51, aris boch, ascension, atlantis, au, ba'al, baal, backstory, bill lee, bra'tac, cam mitchell, cameron mitchell, canon resources, canon vs. fanon, carolyn lam, cartouche, cassandra fraiser, cassie fraiser, catherine langford, charlie kawalsky, charlie o'neill, chevron, cheyenne mountain, chulak, colonel reynolds, colorado springs, continuity, dakara, daniel jackson, dave dixon, dhd, ernest littlefield, fandom resources, fanfic research, fanon, fic research, fic resources, furlings, gateverse, general hammond, george hammond, glyph, goa'uld, groom lake, hank landry, hathor, heliopolis, hermiod, homeworld security, ishta, jack o'neil, jack o'neill, jacob carter, jaffa, janet fraiser, joe faxon, jolinar, jonas quinn, kasuf, kerry johnson, lantash, lucian alliance, martouf, nicholas ballard, nid, nox, oma desala, paul davis, pete shanahan, president henry hayes, ra, replicators, richard woolsey, rya'c, sam carter, samantha carter, sara o'neill, sarah gardner, sci fi, sci fi tv, science fiction, science fiction tv, selmak, senator kinsey, sergeant siler, sg-1, sg-1 canon, sg1, sgc, sha're, sha'uri, siler, skaara, space travel, spacecraft, spaceships, stargate, stargate canon, stargate command, stargate fanon, stargate sg-1, stargate sg1, stargate: continuum, stargate: sg-1, stargate: sg1, stargate: the ark of truth, stargate: the movie, teal'c, the alterans, the ancients, the asgard, the fifth race, the furlings, the goa'uld, the ioa, the jaffa, the lost city, the military, the nid, the nox, the ori, the replicators, the sgc, the tok'ra, the tollan, the trust, thor, tok'ra, tyler o'neil, vala mal doran, vala maldoran, walter harriman, wormhole physics, wormholes
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